Just over an hour from Rome, outside the town of Bomarzo, Province of Viterbo, there is the famous “Sacro Bosco” (literaly: the “Holy Wood”), also known like “The Monster Park”.

It was conceived in the mid-sixteenth century by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, a bizarre and outlandish personality.

And the strangeness of the character is completely poured into the construction of the wood, an elaboration of nature with frightening and bizarre figures made of basalt, often enriched by Latin inscriptions with a cryptic meaning. It’s a unique work in the world, where you play with the fear of hidden monsters and all what is unknown for us, where the ancient tradition of the finest Italian gardens (for example, the magnificent “Villa d’Este” at the nearby Tivoli) is completely reworked to become an eccentric and original grove. The perfect regularity of the Villa d’Este and many other Italian gardens contrasts here with a irregular, where stone representations scattered along the terraces, with elements disproportionate difficult to interpret, even for experts.

The visit, really interesting, you can comfortably complete in an hour and a half, and you can admire, besides the beauty of the curious sculptures, also a luxuriant nature, for a fun and relaxing day.


Highway A1, exit Orte. Take the SS 675 for about 13 km, then the SP 20 (Provincial Bomarzese Road) for another 5 km. Then it follows the local road signs. From Orte, about 15 minutes drive. From Rome, 90 km.

Once at the park, there is wide parking. Immediately after the ticket (the cost per adult is 10.00 EUR), walking a short wooded path and, after the entrance, you will come immediately before the sculpture park, the “Sphinx.”

The entire route of the park, with the photo gallery, is available here.

The park’s official website

The visit of the Sacro Bosco can also be easily combined with that of other extremely interesting centers such as Bagnaia and Montefiascone (a town of good wine), both a few kilometers away.


Club Piccolo Mondo – Via Madonna del Piano 27 – Bomarzo

Located a few kilometers from the park, it is a place with great availability, even outdoors. Preparing first and second courses of meat and fish. The weak point are the long waiting times.