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Introduction of blog


The story of travel is an essential part of the journey itself.

foto profilo

This blog has two aims.
First, creating a scrapbook of my most significant travels, fortunately more and more numerous.

Over the years, memories fade, mistake, disappear.
Of course, there are also photos and for some time even my personal travelogues. And then the reviews on Tripadvisor, the photos on Flickr and Instagram, videos.
Now it’s the time to put together all of this information by combining them in a systematic way in a single container, the one blog.

The second objective is to provide some minimal but useful information to those who want to know these places and maybe is going to make a trip to one of the cities in the blog: the main monuments, travel tips, useful links and, of course, many photos.The blog is divided into sections accessible by the main menu above (in italian) or on the right side (in english): European capitals, European cities, itineraries, Italian cities.

Little by little blog will be enriched by other cities, Italian and not.

Hoping to do something useful … or at least not harmful !!!

Have a good vision.


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