When you are particularly tired and stressed out, it is inevitable to think to a nice relaxing holiday. In these cases, you cannot deny that your desire is spending a few days of relaxation in a spa or in a thermal establishment.


The holidays at the spa, however, often present a major drawback, are particularly expensive.

And here is my advice. For those who live or are spending a short holiday in Italy, not far from Rome, it is possible to relax and be pampered by the lukewarm water jets of the Saturnia spa.


Obviously, for those who can or who want, it is always possible to book a stay in the exclusive Grand Hotel delle Terme, at a fairly high cost, even if not entirely impossible. But it is possible, and perhaps not everyone knows this, to spend a nice day at the spa without spending a single cent!


Well yes. It is enough to go to the Mulino Waterfalls (for the map, click here), a freely accessible site with sulphurous and carbonic water that flows to a reassuring temperature of 37°C (98.6°F), which gives relaxation and wellbeing to just immerse yourself. The water, in fact, brings benefits to the skin and the cardio-circulatory system, has a protective and antioxidant action, increases lung ventilation.


Admission to the spa is free and the nearby parking is also free. A bar with coin-operated showers is also available.


It is better to avoid overcrowding periods, i.e. weekends from April to October. If you have no choice, it is essential to arrive not too late (before 9.30 a.m.) to avoid problems with parking and to find a satisfactory place inside the thermal pool.

Did I convince you?



A few kilometers from the spait is possible to take a short excursion to Pitigliano (about 20 km, half an hour drive), a small village that once welcomed an important Jewish community, so as to deserve the nickname of “little Jerusalem”.