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The “Scarlet sails” (in russian: Алые парус) comes from the title of the book “Scarlet Sails” of the Russian writer Alexander Grin, who lived between the nineteenth and twentieth century.

The story told in the book starring a poor little girl named Assol, who lived with her father, an ex-sailor on board, which now was builds toys in order to survive. One day, Assol met an old man, who was impressed by the poor life of the girl, the foretold that one day a prince would come to pick her up with a nice ship from the red-scarlet sails. Assol believed him from the first moment, but all the people of his country teased for it. One day, after many years, there was a captain, who fell in love with her and came to know of this old episode. At that point, the captain bought a lot of what it takes to change the sails of his ship and arrived well before to Assol to realize symbolically his dream and make her happy.

The moral of this story is symbolic that every person, in life, firmly believing in their goals and in their dreams, can build for themselves their own happiness.

For this reason, every year, in St. Petersburg at the end of the celebrations for the end of the school year, plowing the waters of the Neva River, arrives in front of the Hermitage, the Fortress and the whole audience spellbound by exceptional fireworks, just the Assol old sailing ship with its majestic scarlet sails. The symbol of the realization of all desires, the wish for all students, which, after the final exams, you out in life.

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