(25th october 2015)

Bucharest is a not very popular tourist destination, but it’s growing in recent years.
It’s often called the Paris of the Balkans, even if it certainly can not be compared to the more famous European capitals such as Prague, Budapest, Vienna or Paris itself. But it can still offers many opportunities for those seeking a destination with history, culture and fun merge, entertainment and good food.

At the end of the visit, however, it will appear as a pleasant discovery: city clean, tidy, well attended by friendly and elegant people, far removed from the stereotypes that unfortunately we are accustomed.
The historic center of town, identifiable in Lipscani Street, is a small architectural gem with a bustling nightlife.
Many Orthodox churches, some really beautiful as Stavropoleos Church, a true masterpiece of Byzantine architecture.
And then the parliament building, the starting point for a sightseeing, witness to the megalomania of a dictator who will be defeated before the building was completed. It’s obligatory to stop at Stavropoleos Church that will surprise even the most demanding observers.
In short, a city that can represent an alternative day trip away from the usual routes of European capitals.


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You can reach the city center by bus n. 783. But the most convenient method, slightly more expensive than the bus but cheaper, is by taxi. You can book through the touch screen machines in the area “Arrivals” of the airport. The machines issue a receipt indicating the number of the taxi and the waiting time. The cost for a ride to the city center is around 6-8 euro. But well equip themselves in advance of the local currency from ATMs taking place right next to the taxi maker. Beware of the abusive taxi drivers.

The Parliament Building
The Church Stavropoleos
The Lipscani district

The National Museum of Art
The House Patriarchal
The Church of Princess Balasa

Crama Domneasca – str. Selari, nr. 13-15.
In the center of Lipscani district, great soups. Try the “ciorba”.