(25th october 2014)

The few tourist guides – in bookstores for sale – dedicated to Belgrade  describe the city as the new European tourist destination, a kind of Barcelona or Berlin in the Balkans.

And really Belgrade it looks like a young, dynamic city that offers many opportunities for tourism low cost, thanks to cheap air flights, hotel and restaurants at very affordable prices, all kinds of local that ensure fun even for those who doesn’t want (or cannot) spend too much money. But Belgrade, in addition to easy fun, offers very little and it can be visited  in a day or two.
Belgrade still shows obvious scars of a war fought until a few years ago: infact, especially in the suburbs, there are also gutted buildings in a city that wants to be reborn to new life.

The Temple of Saint Sava is the ideal starting point for tours of the city. It’s the largest Orthodox temple in Europe and, although still under construction, will surprise for its size. A jump to the Citadel at the Kalemegdan park where you can admire the beautiful panorama where the Sava and the Danube meet. Then, in the evening, a nice walk to the bohemian neighborhood where you can have dinner at one of the many local present.


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The exchange rate of the local currency

Newly arrived Nikola Tesla international airport should take, via the ATM, the dinar for the first purchases (taxis, bus tickets, etc.).

The most comfortable and convenient way to get downtown is the shuttle bus line A1.
After leaving the airport, on the left, the shuttle buses run every twenty minutes. The ticket is made directly on board with a few dinars.
The shuttle, after an intermediate stop at the railway station, reaches the central Slavija Square.

The Saint Sava Temple and the old chapel
The Citadel and the Kalemegdan Park
Skadarlija, the bohemian district
Knez Mihailova Street (the pedestrian island)

Restaurant VUK – Vuka Karadzica, 12.
Great appetizers and meat. Excellent espresso. The service staff also speaks good Italian.